Sunday, March 1, 2009

Going home and getting a new book

This extended weekend(Wednesday to Sunday) I spent at my mother's place, and had a great weekend. We went to the theatre and saw Frakt under haver (A view from the bridge) by Arthur Miller. On Saturday I was baby sitting my adorable little brother. We saw Hellboy 2 and made brownie, and because the fuse can't take anything, they popped 3 times of something. I'm happy my mother wasn't at home, I don't think it would have pleased her. And I honestly, it is not the greatest thing in the world to have to run across the yard into the other house to replace the fuses all the time. I also got to write a paper on democracy in social subjects, and transfer some handwritten overheads to the computer for my teacher in sociology and social anthropology. This also gave me a chance to start to study for my test in the latter one/subject, even though I was having a calm weekend with my family.
And even though I had to go home on Sunday because I'm going to school on Mondays it turned out going home wasn't such a bad idea after all. Because when I got home and opened my mailbox a packet was waiting for me; Sjarmerende gjenbruk by Ellen Dyrop and Hanna Kristinsdóttir.

DIY gone wild!

This book is definitely a must read, and it has tons of inspiration of how you can give your flea market, garage sale or attic finds a new life.

Among their suggestions you find a old silver tray used as a magnet board (look at the book cover), a lamp shade used for storage as a yarn basket, a wicker basked used as a lamp shade, the list just goes on and on! Below and above you can see some of the pictures from the book.

The book is in Norwegian, but there is eye candy overload, s
o you definitely don't have to be a Norwegian to enjoy it or to get inspired by all the amazing solutions offered. A picture says more than a thousand words, right? :)

If you want to order a copy, you can click this
link, or sand an e-mail to the publisher if you're having problems understanding Norwegian. And if you want the signature of the authors (at least one of them) you just have to mention that in the comment field or say so in the mail.

The book reminds us of the great storage problem solution.

In need of a new lampshade?
A little nostalgia from some Norwegians childhood

Or do you want a "uncommon" yarn basket/bin?
Why not use an old lampshade?

This idea is rather cute/cosy; a woolen hat as a tea pot warmer.
A companied by a wicker basket
lined with a equally sweet fabric
serving as a lampshade.

So you can get an idea of the layout of the book.
By the way, did you find the Easter egg and got a getter look inside the book?